Our mission is to demonstrate faith through love in action with Christ at the center of all we do. We carry out our mission by ...

  • reaching out to people and showing them love and grace
  • teaching life skills and lessons to children and families to help them grow more self-sufficient and become kingdom builders
  • releasing the children and families into their communities so they can show “love in action” with what they have learned
  • providing a place for children to play and enjoy nature

We believe in strengthening the community through love in action and contagious joy with Christ at the center of all that we do.

About us

So often children in our community don’t have access to safe outdoor activities. They often lack food on a daily basis, especially when school is not in session. They often miss so much of what many of us take for granted. Operation Seed to Harvest is trying to change this.

We are a volunteer-based outreach program of Sara Making A Difference, a Raleigh-based 501(c)3 organization. We work primarily with children to help them develop self-esteem, learn better eating habits, and practice greater environmental stewardship through the appreciation and enjoyment of nature. We work with them through activities, crafts, and life lessons centered around growing food, appreciating our environment, and having a thankful spirit.

The summer of 2015 a dozen children, two high school mentors, and our wonderful volunteers had a summer to remember! From garden planting to plucking bugs (kids love bugs!) and pulling weeds, to making creative use of healthy food to eat, to happy expenditures of energy, everyone had fun. Each week the children went home with bags of fresh produce they helped grow and harvest.

Phase Two in 2016 is bringing multiple projects to use the resources on the farm that is our home base even more fully. These new learning areas will include outfitting the greenhouse, preparing the fishing pond, developing land navigation trails, installing a multi-level obstacle course, reimagining our outdoor Way of The Table area (including adding a fire pit in this gathering area for more outdoor fun!), and, of course, further development of our community garden. Check out our oh-so-colorful planting boxes and plant poles! Guaranteed to make you smile!