Our children today must learn how to care for tomorrow. We want to help them grow in strength, character, and spirit to equipment them for the future.

We are actively seeking organizations to partner with us to bring children to our farm for our 6-week programs or simply for an outing. The OSTH programs help children develop social skills, motor skills, teamwork, leadership abilities, self-confidence, and more, all while enjoying all our outdoor resources at Whispering Hope Stables. Even just a single day on the trails, exploring the garden, moving through the obstacle course, or enjoying time at the pond or the Way of the Table can make wonderful memories for children in your organization. Schools, churches, civic groups, and other organizations are very welcome to join us.

We invite you to come for a tour and see what children from your organization could experience.

Send us a message below about your interest and we’ll arrange for a visit!


Together We Can Do So Much...

We invite organizations and groups who want to make a difference in our community and who believe in our work and mission to partner with OSTH to serve the children in our community. We'd love to tell you about our classes. We'd be thrilled to work with your organization to give children a priceless opportunity to learn about and enjoy nature, to earn confidence, to develop social skills, to experience the bounty of a garden, and to grow in body and spirit all the while having fun in a special place. It’s naturally beautiful here and made even more so by the good hearts of our volunteers and the smiles of the children who come here. We'd be very happy to see you and the children in your organization here too!

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