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Operation Seed to Harvest was created to help meet local community needs by using our physical site and available resources to their fullest. Our garden outreach program feeds not only children in our on-site programs but also provides fresh vegetables and eggs to food banks and to urban consumers. Our nature trails and confidence courses, the fishing pond, and games help children learn more about what it means to be part of a community and to understand the importance of our environment and the need to nurture it.

Operation Seed to Harvest cultivates healthy children and communities through educational programs, spiritual development, and the profound act of connecting people to the Lord through food from seed to table and through the wonders of nature.

Our mission centers on promoting youth experiences around a garden, nature, and confidence building activities. We exist to strengthen communities through love in action and with Christ at the center of all that we do. The mission is simply demonstrating our faith through action and our action comes in three forms:

  • Reaching out to people and showing them love and grace
  • Teaching life skills in an effort to make individuals and families self-feeders and kingdom builders
  • Releasing those impacted by OpS2H so that they can become servants to others in their community by demonstrating “love in action”

As our programs grow, our food harvests will provide opportunities for learning, fight hunger in our community, and create garden sustainability that allows us to replant and continue our teaching programs. Our activity programs will promote both practical day-to-day and simple spiritual lessons to help students develop individual strengths, learn life skills, and strengthen their bodies and their characters.

Operation Seed to Harvest

Have you heard it said that we are a product of our environment? We want to switch that perception for today's youth. We want to teach them the environment is not only theirs to explore and enjoy but also theirs to nurture and protect for future generations.

Operation Seed to Harvest teaches youth life skills through a life on a farm, in the garden, at the pond, on the trails, and at the table. We invite you to be part of this exciting journey through your sponsorship as we help children grow for a brighter future.

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