Operation Seed to Harvest needs volunteers who believe in our mission, plans, and goals. We made a list of some of the volunteer opportunities with our organization to give you an idea of ways you might help. If you would like to make a difference in our community by volunteering your time with Operation Seed to Harvest, please tell us about yourself through the volunteer application below. Of course, we will keep your information confidential. Thank you for considering volunteering with us!

Volunteer Descriptions


Can help us tell stories, teach short lessons, lead activities, and share gathering times in ways meant to engage and educate children in a fun way to strengthen body, mind, and spirit. Program plans are provided!

Garden Care Volunteers

Are needed to visit the garden occasionally to help weed, seasonally plant, and carry out other routine garden maintenance. We are organic! Tools are provided.

Volunteer Coordinators

Would help us keep our volunteer efforts organized and our databases maintained as new volunteers join us. These folks would help us maintain our volunteer schedule in good order and send email communications as needed.

Maintenance & Construction Volunteers

Will keep us repaired and growing. Our fencing is in, our shed is built, beds are constructed and planted, but you never know when a routine maintenance need will pop up!

Admin Support Volunteers

Can help us send out Thank You notes to the wonderful people who donate gifts of time, talent, or money, maintain class records, and keep us up to date on general recordkeeping.

Social Media & Marketing Volunteers

Would help us stay in touch with our Operation Seed to Harvest friends, volunteers, sponsors, and participants. If you love social media and marketing, help us carry out our social media plan and share your marketing ideas with us to reach more children and high school mentors and attract sponsors to help us raise funds to support our programs.

Other Things

Want to help us develop our class lessons? Shop for/collect activity supplies and snacks for the children (on us, of course!)? Help with the harvest this fall? Plan an Operation Seed to Harvest event? Something else? Just let us know!

Volunteer Application

  • We want to utilize your gifts and time wisely. If you have specific areas of interest, please select the appropriate boxes.
  • Note: Volunteers who will have a leadership role with our children will be requested to complete background screening at our expense through a special program called Verified Volunteers.